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The last 2 holiday seasons have been quite “interesting” to say the least! We thought we would try to do everything within our power to bring some extra joy- and sweetness as we head into the Holiday season.

The chocolate bomb has gained mass popularity in the last little while- and like in past years- DCF has put our spin on it for the holidays with our Hot Chocolate Ornament Bombs!!!!

Hot Chocolate Bombs are available in a variety of pure Belgian chocolate (milk, dark, and white) and are jam packed with our premium custom hot chocolate mix and mini marshmallows.

Chocolate Bombs make amazing gifts, or are great to keep for yourself to cozy up in front of the fire on cold winter nights. It’s as simple as 1,2,3-  place the bomb in your favourite mug or cup, pour hot milk over top, and watch in amazement as the bomb melts away and a beautifully rich chocolate beverage is ready to be enjoyed.

Individually packaged and perfect for gifting!


1.Place the Chocolate Bomb in your favourite mug or cup

2. Pour over warm/hot milk

3. Watch in amazement as your bomb melts in the milk, sit back and enjoy!!!


Here’s a video to watch a chocolate bomb in action!!!! Click below to watch!!!

Watch the chocolate bomb video here!!!

DCF is also proud to share and introduce “Mookie”, our melting snowman! Taking all the best parts of the hot chocolate bombs- but 1000x’s cuter!!! This years “must have” delicious gift!!! “Mookie” is a two piece snowman made using pure Belgian Chocolate, hand decorated, and filled with a delicious combination of hot chocolate mix, mini marshmallows and treats Mookie- is available in VERY limited quantities, so please order early to avoid disappointment 

We’ve also brought back our chocolate spoons- complete with packages of mini marshmallows- ask for more details on these!


Contact us for additional details or to place an order!

[email protected] 

1-877-475-8629 ext 123

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