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Now that things have settled down a little from the holiday rush, we’ve had some time in the kitchen to do some recipe testing and development (some of favourite things to do- by the way) .

With the next major calendar holiday being Easter, we found it only fitting to create some Easter inspired treats. As time goes on we’ll surely adapt these recipes with some of our other favourite treats, so don’t worry!!

First up are our Jumbo Stuffed Cadbury mini egg Chocolate chip cookies! They are soft and chewy cookies with just the right amount of ratio of cookie to chocolate!!!

Up close and personal with the inside of our stuffed cookies!!!


Here’s a shot before being devoured!!!!


Next up are our Individual Deep Dish Cookie Pies. They are filled with a variety of treats (ranging from creme eggs, mini eggs and chocolate chips, drizzled with chocolate and filled with creamy chocolatey goodness- a ooey gooey centre just takes them over the top!!) . These are perfect for sharing- but lets be honest, why would ya?!

Send us an email, or feel free to call us anytime and we’ll tell you more about these sweet treats, and hook you up with an order!!!

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