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These past few weeks at DCF has been full of exciting events (as usual). We are always thinking forward and taking on innovative projects. “The Sugar Shack”  is a new and innovative way to transform a traditional candy table in a truly memorable experience!  We’re able to offer over 40 delicious varieties of candy making it one of the largest and tastiest candy displays in Toronto.

Last week we were lucky enough to be able to work several days on a fully customizable project for a corporate client; creating a custom header sign, custom take away bags,  mini chocolate bars with custom wrappers, as well as hand picked candies by the client.

The sugar shack is as great idea for both corporate and social functions! It’s noticed and appreciated by everyone who sees it and can be served and displayed 360 degrees around (holding more than 400 pounds of candy and sweets at a time). Everyone’s sweet tooth will surely be satisfied!  With the Sugar Shacks’ interchangeable baskets and shelves you can decide the layout of your choices of bright and colorful candy. You can also decide to display either bulk, retro, or packaged candy with this incredible structure.

We’d be more than happy to chat sweets with you and custom create your next project together!

Contact one of our event coordinators for more details: 1-877-475-8629 ext 126 [email protected]









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