Using a touch screen, the teaBOT kiosk allows your guests to blend their own personalized hot cup of tea!

Guests are encouraged to become their own sommelier by taking a Do-It-Yourself approach when creating their own unique brews from the 18 available ingredients. For guests seeking a more guided approach, there’s a Popular Blends screen where inspiration is provided from a list of localized trending blends, which continuously update to reflect new tastes and seasonality. Whether creating a blend from scratch or choosing a Popular Blend, both options encourage further personalization giving guests the ability to adjust ingredient ratios, flavour strength, and water temperature, resulting in thousands of possible combinations!

Once a tea combination is selected and an order is placed, guests watch as their blend is created before their eyes. The personalized brew is ready in seconds, and is paired with a filter lid that keeps the leaves from being consumed.

teaBOT Mega

teaBOT Countertop

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