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Introducing the newest and coolest addition to DCF: The “SweetSicle”

Add this mobile cart to any of our interactive dessert stations! *Works best with: “Make Your Own Ice Cream Bars”, “Custom Sundaes”, “Sno Cones”, “Make Your Own Cookie Dough”, “Hawaiian Shaved Ice”, “Cookie/Waffle Ice Cream Sandwich”,  “Nitro Popcorn”, “Smoothies” & More!

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The last 2 holiday seasons have been quite “interesting” to say the least! We thought we would try to do everything within our power to bring some extra joy- and sweetness as we...


The holidays are a time to give thanks and be thankful for those around us! Whether it be a family member, co-worker, or even you mail carrier- we have you covered with an...


February 23, 2021New and Delicious treats!!

Now that things have settled down a little from the holiday rush, we’ve had some time in the kitchen to do some recipe testing and development (some of favourite things to do- by...


January 12, 2021Valentines Day 2021

As we enter February, we are reminded about the “Holiday of Love” just around the corner! In true DCF fashion- we’ve planned some sweet options for the holiday! Our “HEART- BREAKER” will be...

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