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Cookies are a great way to promote your brand or business! But why just stop there?! At DCF we are all about creating unforgettable experiences! We’ve developed a unique line of items that will leave your guests (or clients) speechless!!!

On the healthy side-One of our most favourite new items is the custom logo apple! We start with locally sourced delicious apples- then etch your image directly into the each apple and ensure optimal freshness by immediately sealing the apple for a freshness up to a month.

What about a hand made granola bar dipped in chocolate and finished with your logo? SO GOOD!!!

If fruit or granola aren’t your go to- no problem! Lets indulge a little more! What about our donuts tins, s’mores kits, or custom fortune cookies?! These items all include edible logos and create packaging options!


Contact one of our amazing team members for additional details!!!

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