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June was a month of madness with our event staff running around the GTA to every kind of event imaginable. From golf clubs to various venues in Markham, the Financial District, to the Queens Quay Docks and back for another round of golf! Now, we finally have time to sit down and tell you all about it! Let the fun begin! In the Financial District we did a wonderful soft serve station for over 300 people at a fantastic staff appreciation picnic in a beautiful terrace. Our smiles and our sweets made a day at the office much more exciting for our lovely guests. In the same month, we had returned to see our friends in the Financial District for their Pride event, where we helped them create their own chocolate bars. This event was full of colour and spirit which allowed the guests to indulge while they created their own custom chocolate bars. Later on in the month we went on an adventure to participate in several other staff appreciation events, including a Make Your Own Ice Cream Bar Station. The crowd was geared up for summer as they enjoyed our cold desserts. Down to the docks we went to participate in some more interactive dessert stations on the boats at the harbour front. Amongst many of the great events we worked on – we had the opportunity to provide: an amazing dessert table for a confirmation with everything from donuts to s’mores to popcorn and candy, Nitro Popcorn Stations, Dessert Paninis and an amazing golf tournament doing our Potato Tornadoes and grilled cheese for the golfers! On top of it all, our culinary team worked hard preparing over 3000 cookies in our kitchen for our corporate clients. What a mouthful! Happy July!


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