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We sometimes get overlooked because of our name! But make no mistake; we are ALSO a completely custom pastry shop! With almost 3000 square feet- we boast a state of the art kitchen space most chefs would drool over!!! We’re proud of our dedicated climate controlled chocolate room- perfect for making truffles and bon bons! Our team of amazing pastry chefs! As well as our custom created edible printer technology that allows for virtually unlimited options when printing on (and in) just about any food surface!

Out of respect for some of our high profile clients (that include top hotel chains, restaurants, caterers, conference centres, and golf clubs throughout Ontario)- we don’t end up posting the majority of our hand made desserts. We do however welcome our industry partners to our kitchen anytime by appointment to view and taste some samples! We take great pride in working shoulder to shoulder with top chefs, event planners and clients in the city to create truly unique recipes and menus!

Call Jeff (our Director of operations and business development) anytime for more details and to set up a meeting! 1-877-475-8629 ext 122 [email protected]


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