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At DCF we are pretty proud of our product range and the ability to “come through for our clients”. One such division was created solely to meet the needs of our amazing existing clients, and has since grown to be one of our most successful ventures.

“DCF Prints” aims to create an edible art experience for all guests (whether corporate clients looking to put their logo on a delicious treat, or a bride and groom simply looking to create a memorable giveaway for their very special day)! We pride ourselves on working closely with each client to create a custom experience, second to none.

It all starts with a simple idea- whether a piece of art, or a picture, or logo- from there- our talented team of pastry chefs, and event coordinators will work with you to create the best possible fit for your edible art. Choose from our direct print cookies, macarons, marshmallows, chocolates- or something even more custom (like cheesecakes, or plated desserts), we’ll work with you hand in hand to come up with the perfect idea!!!!

Below are some of our favourite recent projects showcasing some of our amazing clients (we work with the best in the business- trust us!!).

Custom Printed Macarons for the Blue Jays!

Smores placecard kits

Custom smores kits with printed graham crackers and marshmallows

“New York” cheesecakes

Hockey Hall of fame chocolate coins

Adidas custom cookies

Launch for McDonalds new app- amazing custom cookies

Truffle and chocolate kits for an amazing golf client

Toronto Maple Leaf cookies

Custom monogram chocolate coins

Direct print pies

Toronto Blue Jays custom cookies

Argo custom cookies

Chocolate coins for Maple Leafs and Raptos

Custom cupcakes for Kraft Canada

Sheraton cookie cups

Custom Mircosoft donuts

Pride cupcakes

University of Toronto custom cookies

Toronto custom printed macarons

Custom cookie cutter made for foot locker shoes

Direct Print Maple Leaf on Maple fudge

Custom direct printed graham crackers for a corporate client

World Series Cookies for the Blue Jays

Bride and Groom Custom cartoon macarons



Contact us for more details- or to share some of your ideas- and we’ll get printing! We’d love to hear from you!!!

1-877-475-8629 ext 126

[email protected]


[email protected]


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