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About two years ago DCF first introduced our magnificent donut walls to Canada- standing over 6 feet tall and holding more than 600 donuts they were (and still are) truly a thing of beauty! Our walls became so popular we had to make several sets of them just to keep up with the demand!!

Now a few years later- we’ve seen a resurgence of the donut wall popularity. We’ve even created some newer versions of our walls that can now be split in half (or even quarters for smaller events).

Our clients have truly had a lot of fun with creating a custom experience. Everything from the flavour, size, and look of the actual donut itself, to creating custom edible logos (on the donuts), or a mosaic through the layout of the donuts (whether a monogram for a wedding, or a company logo or design for a corporate client).

Whatever you have in mind, we can more than likely make a reality!

A donut wall is a truly unique and innovative way to serve your guests some sweet treats! If donuts arent your thing, we have the ability to also place mini desserts onto the walls. A much welcome way to display your sweet table (versus a traditional buffet table).


Here are a few walls and samples of some unique designs of donuts from the past few weeks of events!















Contact one of our event coordinators to learn more about our donut (or dessert) walls. We’d love to help take your event to the next level!

1-877-475-8629 ext 126 [email protected]


Have a sweet holiday season!!!


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