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With the warmer weather now within reach we felt it was necessary to refresh our seasonal menus and offer our amazing clients some exciting and innovative dessert items.

Our extremely talented culinary team has been working around the clock to test and tweak our new menu prior to launching!

After MUCH taste testing we’ve released items we feel will be true WINNERS for the spring and summer months!

Our team really focused on light, airy, fruity, and cold to combat the warmer climates! We are even bringing back (reinventing) some old favourites (like black forest cake)!!

Take a look at a small sampling of our new items and contact us anytime to learn more about them (or to arrange a tasting for your next event!).


Key Lime Popsicle

salted caramel chocolate tart

Apple crumble popsicle

chocolate banana

Espresso Pastry Cream





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