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When 2 people fall in love, and get engaged- they want to celebrate with those closest to them.
Why not do it with an all White Engagement Party! (Although the Bride to be and groom wore hot pink and navy!)
Set on a gorgeous private golf club terrace, decorated with white balloons, hanging lanterns & Monogramed backdrops was a group of people ready to party (and all trying to win the prize of not getting stained with that red tomato sauce!)
DCF was tasked with helping to create an all white dessert table- filled with the couples favourite treats- some of which included: White Chocolate Dipped Oreos, White Chocolate Rice Krispy Pops, Cake Pops, Meringues, Mousse Shooters, Cupcakes and beautiful Logo’d cookies. Everything tasted as good as it looked- and certainly helped to add that extra touch to everyone’s sweet tooth!
That’s not all! While the sun was slowly setting and everyone had finished their delicious meals- we opened up our Dessert Panini station- and wow- what a hit!
We introduced some new flavours for this special couple- and as unique as they are- so are these winners! Magically delicious (vanilla ice cream, rainbow sprinkles and lucky charm cereal) & Cinnamon Toast Yum (vanilla ice cream, cinnamon toast crunch and caramel sauce) – these were certainly the favourites! Guests waited patiently to pick their custom treats- and were so excited to dig into this delectable dessert!
Congrats to the beautiful couple- DCF was thrilled to be a part of your amazing night!























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