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You’re probably planning one of the most important events of your life- and lets face it, there lots to think about and prepare!

Double Chocolate Fountain & Fun Foods get many calls and emails daily from both social and corporate clients looking for guidance for their live events!

Its important to remember a few things when looking for Fountain, Dessert, and Fun Food Suppliers (which we will get to later on in this article).

But first- we’ll let you in on a little fun fact: The Double Chocolate Fountain and Fun Foods concept was actually born out of a direct need (or what some would say was a “market void and dissatisfaction”). During one of our very own special events (a personal wedding), long before we started this business- we ordered a chocolate fountain (from one of our now “competitors”), only to have it show up to the event and actually not work (the motor had apparently burned out, and wasn’t tested prior to sending). We thought to ourselves “there has to be a better way”!!!

So DCF was formed about one year later with a focus on being the best in industry for Chocolate Fountains and specialty desserts!

Almost 6 years later we’ve been able to be part of some extraordinary events, we’ve learned a lot and expanded beyond our wildest dreams!!

We’ve seen lots of “fly by night” chocolate fountain companies come and go- and even been asked to purchase a few of our biggest competitors as they decided to leave the business.

Through all of this we’ve stuck by our morals and company mission to be the best and leader in our markets! There’s a reason we continue to be the most popular Chocolate Fountain and Specialty Dessert company in the GTA and Canada, and why some of the largest Hotels chains, convention centres, sporting venues, top caterers and more continue to seek our services!!!

Now back to some tips and tricks when hiring professional chocolate fountain & dessert catering services:

1. Ask what type of chocolate the company plans on using in their fountains- as chocolate is one of the biggest costs when using a fountain- this will tell you a lot of the company you are dealing with!

At DCF we use a special blend of PURE Belgian chocolate that is made exclusively for us! We actually prepare and melt our chocolate directly in the bottom of our fountains (and right in front of the guests), as we have nothing to hide! Just pure beautiful chocolate! We NEVER add OIL to our fountains (to thin out the chocolate or make them run properly). This defeats the edible purpose of indulging in a chocolate fountain. Anyone who has to add oil or a thinning agent to their chocolate is cutting corners- and this means they are most likely cutting corners in other areas.

2. Do you want your stations staffed- or are you prepared to setup your station yourself?

At DCF all of our stations come with professionally trained chefs and staff! Even our traditional single fountain that can be purchased as an “unstaffed” station include a professional from our company that will come and setup your fountain and disassemble it at the end of your event. If you are planning a special event- you are most likely “dressed” up and the last thing you should be worried about is melting chocolate

3. Where is the company you are hiring coming from, and do they have insurance?

Keep in mind you get what you pay for! Usually if it’s too good to be true, it is! More and more of what we see are “home businesses” (which in most cases we think is a wonderful ideas, but not when food prep and proper sanitation is involved) offering catering services. You must make sure that if you are bringing them into a home or venue they carry the proper insurance with them.

DCF welcomes all clients into our office and kitchen in Vaughan, where you are welcome to tour our entire facility, see how we properly clean and sanitize our equipment and maintain a food safe production environment

4. Is your fountain or dessert company truly a one stop shop? You have enough on your plate- wouldn’t it be nice to have someone answer all your questions and help with all aspects of planning the dessert?

DCF is truly a full service dessert caterer! We handle everything from coordination with your venue, event planner, or caterer to take the pressure off of you! We also provide a turn key solution (including all station decor, serving pieces, and staffing), Our double fountains also come with our beautiful and unique plexi light base surround to add that extra special touch around your sweet table!

We also have an in-house full time dedicated team of amazing pastry chefs! This means we can provide full dessert tables, dipping items or custom treats tailored around your specific needs and event.

5. How did you find the dessert company?

The internet is an amazing resource for finding information (you probably found this article while surfing the net). Just be certain you do your homework on the company you are going to hire! Ask for referrals! Any reputable company will be happy to provide a list of customers

At DCF we encourage you to call our past and current clients (and would be happy to provide a full list). Our business is primarily based on repeat business and referrals. We also say we are only as good as our last event- so we always have to be excellent! Its great service and work that keeps our longtime and loyal customers coming back event after event and year after year!

We don’t feel the need to publish our client names and logos on our website (mostly out of respect and confidentiality to them) – but we do have permission to provide contacts for referrals when requested.

6. Does the company you are looking to hire offer new ideas or innovation?

Too often we see companies get comfortable offering just one or two items- we know from experience, as we offered chocolate fountain exclusively for our first year in business.

In 2011 we made the brave decision to branch out of our comfort zone to offer the now almost 40 live interactive dessert stations. We do much more then serve dessert- we offer an interactive experience! The guest is part of the process with us, and they have a say in how their sweet treat is made!

Not only do our fountains run chocolate- we also have the ability to run savory sauces (like gravy, cheese, nacho cheese, plum sauce, ketchup, mustard and many more!)

7.Lastly be careful of impostors or rip off artists! In the last few months we’ve noticed several other dessert companies trying to ride on our coat-tails, trying to trick people into thinking they are Double Chocolate Fountain & Fun Foods! Be weary of impostors- we are often imitated but never duplicated!

We are the original Double Chocolate Fountain company!

We’ve given you a lot of information above and hope you’ve found it useful.

Please feel free to call us or email us anytime for more information or to plan a visit to our facility.


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