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We just finished up one of our most exciting weekends of the year!

We hope you saw us at some of the high profile and charity functions we were at, including a great charity (Three to Be) at the Koolhaus, and an amazing Coke Zero Party at the incredible Real Sports in Toronto- amung a few other great venues.

This weekend we had one of our signature double chocolate fountains containing peanut butter and milk chocolate, a fudge puppy (waffle on a stick), gourmet smores, cake pop cake, cake pop tree (with robotic themed décor), and one of our newest and most popular stations at the moment- DEEP FRIED sweets (consisting of  candy bars, oreo cookies, and twinkies), and topped off the weekend with a bunch of our bite size desserts.

Here’s a small snapshot of a few of the events!




Double Fountain with Peanut Butter and Pure Belgian Milk Chocolate


Mini Cake Pop Cake with matching colours to decor


Cake Pop Tree and Robot Themed decor


Gourmet Smores Station- Chef torched as you wait!



Waffle toppings

Most of our new and brilliant ideas come from client meetings, where they come up with an idea or concept- and we bring it to reality. We have an AMAZING team of talented chefs that love challenges, so no idea is too far out there (the stranger, the better for us!).

Call or write anytime and we can discuss the best way to make your vision come to life!

1-877-475-8629 ext 123

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