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Our main operations are based in Toronto (Canada), and lets face it- as Torontonians we love our local sports teams!!! It’s especially exciting this time of year- when playoffs start in basketball and hockey, and the baseball season begins!!

We are truly blessed to be able to collaborate (and work) with the majority of the professional Toronto sport teams on a regular basis!

Getting to work on special projects together is some of the most fun we have on a day to day basis!

Here’s a quick snap shot of some of our recent projects!

Custom logo chocolate soccer balls filled with sweet treats

TFC chocolate logo pieces

TFC logo printed beer

Raptors jersey cookies

Raptors chocolate medallions

Raptors printed logo beer

Leafs jersey cookies

Leafs custom chocolate tart

Leafs custom chocolate puck and stick set

Leafs custom logo brownie chocolate puck

Leaf custom printed macarons

Leafs holiday sweater cookies

Leafs logo cookies

Leafs gift pack jersey cookies

Leafs chocolate medallions

Leaf logo printed beer

Leafs custom apples

Baseball themed chocolate covered strawberries

Blue Jay custom printed macarons

Blue Jay holiday sweater cookies

Blue Jay logo cookies

Blue Jay Logo cookies

Blue Jay chocolate baseball apples

Argo custom cookies

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