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At DCF we are always looking for fun and innovative ways to deliver amazing experiences and events!

Keeping this in mind- we felt the need to step up our fun food game by adding the SWEETSICLE to our offering.

The SWEETSICLE is a custom made “Trike Bike” with a fully functional freezer on the front of it! The bike itself is fully mobile and can be pedaled throughout your event!

Add this mobile treasure to any of our interactive dessert stations! *Works best with: “Make Your Own Ice Cream Bars”, “Custom Sundaes”, “Sno Cones”, “Cookie Dough”, “Hawaiian Shaved Ice”, “Cookie/Waffle Ice Cream Sandwich”,  “Nitro Popcorn”, “Smoothies” & More!

We can even fully customize the branding component to the SWEETSICLE- from simple logos to full wraps, we’ve got you covered!




Contact one of our event managers for more details!

[email protected]  1-877-475-8629 ext 126

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