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As the spring is quickly approaching, DCF is hard at work creating innovative recipes using our custom ice cream flavours!!

We’ve been doing a lot of testing in our kitchen- and have put together some amazing new recipes for our Waffle Ice Cream Tacos!

In case you’ve never had one (or heard of this beautiful creation)- lets tell you a little more!!!!!

We start with a freshly baked sweet waffle cone- obviously shaped like a taco shell- then dip it in pure Belgian chocolate- and if that’s not enough… finish it with a selection of sprinkles and other sweet treats!!!!  The “taco” shell is then stuffed with custom artisan ice creams- everything from toasted marshmallow, to cotton candy, to our tie-dye trio ice cream! Just in case we still aren’t sweet enough- we then finish the taco with a selection of gourmet toppings (ranging from more chocolate, to candy and everything in between).

The Waffle Ice Cream Taco is a great option for your next event! We bring the sweets to you- as a fully interactive station! Your guests will love the being able to pick from our pre-selected recipes- or create their very own custom recipe!


Contact us for more details!

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