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As we enter February, we are reminded about the “Holiday of Love” just around the corner!

In true DCF fashion- we’ve planned something sweet for the holiday!

Our “HEART- BREAKER” will be available in very limited quantities up until Valentines Day.

The Heart Breaker consists of a large pure Belgian Chocolate heart-with special colour and texture. Inside the heart you’ll find a wide range of sweet treats, including chocolate heart truffles, chocolate buttons, chocolate crispy pearls, sprinkles, and of course cinnamon hearts.

Each Heart Breaker is individually packaged in its own box, and comes with its own wooden mallet (for a smashing good time)!!

We promise you’ll be the hit of Valentines Day if you give that “special someone” a heart breaker! 🙂

See below for some pictures and the Heart Breaker in action!!

Each Heart Breaker is hand sprayed for a great look & texture

The heart breaker comes individually boxed with ribbon and wooden mallet

The Heart Breaker after meeting its mallet!

Here’s a video of the Heart Breaker in action!!!


Contact us for more details! We’d love to tell you more about this amazing dessert!!!

1-877-475-8629  ext 9

[email protected]


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