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Yesterday we participated in a magnificent early morning event at Real Sports Bar in Toronto.

When you think of early morning and a “Double Chocolate Fountain”, you may think they may not blend well together.

However, we’re happy to report that we now offer a “Breakfast Fountain”. The amazing team at Real Sports constantly challenges us to bring them new ideas- and working closely together with them for yesterday’s event, our very talented team was able to create a Yogurt and Strawberry Compote Fountain- to compliment the beautiful skewered fruit that was placed around the fountain.


Take a look at some of the amazing pictures below- and remember we offer much more than chocolate to run through our fountains. Everything from Caramel and Peanut Butter on the sweet side- To mustard, BBQ, plum sauce and anything in between.

If you have an idea or favourite sauce you would like to run through a fountain- give us a call and our amazing team of culinary professionals will work tirelessly to bring your idea to fruition.


[email protected]

Sweet Regards and have a great weekend!





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